About me

photo by Ani McNiece

Me!  (photo by Ani McNiece)

I specialise in sound engineering for folk and acoustic music live events. I am also a gigging musician, I play folk fiddle and guitar mainly for ceilidh and contra dancing.

So far I have worked with some well-known bands on the folk scene including Hekety, PolkaWorks, Blackbeard’s Tea Party, Stick Shift and English Contra Dance Band, and have sound engineered for events at Shrewsbury Folk Festival, Whitby Folk Week, Broadstairs Folk Week and the Inter-Varsity Folk Dance Festival (IVFDF).

As someone who regularly plays, performs, dances to, listens to and sound engineers for folk and traditional music, I have a good understanding of the music and instruments and the needs of its performers and audiences, which sound engineers with a background in other types of music do not always have.

My first training in sound engineering began in around 2002 through the Sheffield University Ceilidh Society, doing sound for their fortnightly ceilidhs, which would feature a different scratch band line up (or sometimes two) for every event. Thanks to this experience I have always been comfortable working with a range of acoustic instruments in various combinations.

In 2013-2014 I successfully completed the 6-month Advanced Live Sound Module of the Audio Engineering Techniques and Technology course at SSR (School of Sound Recording) Manchester.